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It takes a village.

Village 101 is a renaissance production house. We are pioneering a new wave of artistic development by cultivating communities that uplift local talent.
We're here to nurture the next generation. We offer full-spectrum creative consultancy to industry professionals, alongside inclusive workshops and collaborative projects for local communities.
Red Couch Revivals - Village 101 FM
Creative Consultancy & Videography
Chiminyo - See Me. Creative Direction & Videography
Renaissance Residency & Creative Internship
Creative consultancy for AJ Tracey
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What is village 101?

Liver performance at Village 101 Studios

Creative Hub

Live DJ Event at Village 101

Regeneration Hotspot

Four guys in 80s Hip Hop outfits at Village 101 Studios

Independent Black Production Stage

Village 101 is a fashion activism hub.

Fashion Activism Hub

A videographer live broadcasts a musician

Live broadcasting Station

A dancer rehearsing at village 101

Dance Rehearsal Studios

Village 101 FM Recording with Muti

Co-Working Space

Editing suites at Village 101 Studios

Editing Suites

Why village 101 matters

Children in uk living in poverty
Youth unemployment in london
Of Gen z say they feel disconnected from others
empty industrial units in london
Village 101 has emerged out of the necessity to rejuvenate local communities and culture as a whole.
We have been living in times of unparalleled disconnection, with COVID exacerbating issues of social inequality and feelings of alienation

The pandemic forced us into isolation and ground our artistic institutions to a halt.
We have been starved of our connection to each other and the therapeutic and cathartic benefits of art.

Amidst the complex and unpredictable cultural landscape of our times, where great art is more vital than ever, it is crucial that we channel the raw power of creativity into re-imagining and re-making the world - into establishing genuine impact.
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Village 101 partners



We recognise that everyone has unique gifts and wisdom to offer the world and we create environments that enable people to discover and express their individual genius.


We act as a meeting ground in which these many, varied ways of knowing, believing and living to come together and cross pollinate to generate new insights and innovative growth.

Mutual Enrichment

We know that diversity is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem and we welcome all ages, races, creeds, genders and beliefs.

Economic Empowerment

We nurture ideas from inception to delivery, helping to turn the raw energy of creativity into real-life projects and the real entrepreneurial success that good artists deserve.

Artistic Innovation

We offer insights and artistic direction from our unique, intersectional perspective which is at the front line of the cultural renaissance.
Village 101 Coloured Logo


road map

What a




Radical Visions  @Saddlers wells / Well seasoned programmed Village101 Artists team up for Akiem toussaint to buck’s Wild card takeoverClosing ceremony led by Mutivation

Radical Visions X Village101FM podcast

Village101 artists at Mobo awards 2022

ORI Jam @colourfactory

Open arts surgery @Saddlers well - Breakin’ convention Artistic development


Cheza Horo by Mikel ameen @Brixton street Gym

Village101 artists perform at Brits Awards 2022

VJOJ X Crystal king Weakness Music Video co-produced by Village101 @ PatchworkDirected by Muti Musafiri accompanied by Londonlighting

ORI jam @colourfactory

Memorial for Jamal Edwards, Founder of SBTV


Get up Get down 2022 @ColorHoxton & Danceworks
International workshops from Miss Lockeroo &  Brooklyn Terry with showcase & battles in House, waacking & hustlePlatformed with GroovetimeNFT & Trade CreativesHosted by Mutivation

KOG Headline show @Jazz cafeFt Performance by Mutivation & House of InforMotion

Connie Constance - Miss power Music video Choreographed by KZ creatives

ORI jam @colourfactory


Apex Zero & Mutivation team up to deliver film production internship programme for Young POC film makers

Living form: Movement retreat - House of InforMotion

‘Project Home’By Village101 Artists @National Gallery for Earth day

KMT Founder of May project garden’s Birthday Boat party with Justvibes UK

ORI jam @colourfactory


Breakin’ convention International Hip Hop theatre festival with Village101 artists @Saddlers wells

BC festival Park jam hosted by Mas law
With graffiti Workshop, Dance cyphers and Music performance With @village101FM DJs

Living for:M Movement retreat - House of InforMotion

Cykada Headline Show @peckham audio - NRG/Village artist


Baduizm @Jazz cafe
NRG / Village101 artists

Pink Floydd - Animal
@Battersea Power station
Village101 artists
Wayward thread & House of InforMotion

Restival Retreat
Lovejam community X House of InforMotion









Get involved

Workshop at village 101

why workshop here?

We host events and workshops that facilitate learning and connection.

We encourage artists and community leaders to share their wisdom in our space with regular free workshops for 16-25-year-olds.

We host regular opportunities for people to socialise, release, relax, and enjoy each other with culturally enriching and mind-freeing events.

Our first cultural festival 'Legacy' is being organised and will take place soon! Just one of many exciting events on the horizon.

These are important opportunities for us to showcase the incredible talent and rich connections we have nurtured since our conception

Changemaker Workshops

Village 101’s change maker programme is designed to uplift and empower the next generation of young artists to become leaders and innovators by identifying and leveraging core strengths and building strategies for community resilience. We help participants to engage in critical thinking and develop a broader perspective of their social and political impact.

Our workshop(s) explores the use of interdisciplinary arts-based practices, aimed to inform the curriculum, challenge social structures and limiting belief systems.  You will gain an understanding of how art can be used as an advocacy tool to raise awareness and create lasting positive change.

By creating safe spaces for unrepresented people to express themselves, we’re able to uncover hidden potential, unearth talent and support it to flourish. Our core values are rooted in harnessing creativity for social change.