village 101 is a...

Liver performance at Village 101 Studios

creative hub

Village101 studios is a production space and community hub in North Tottenham warehouse. We’re change makers, Future builders, the Nu Earth collective. We harness creativity for social change, because it takes a village to raise a child.

We’ve been in operation less than a year, the sheer quality and scale of productions here has been unimaginable. 

Regeneration Hotspot

We’ve had the UK’s top artists coming through the studios: Chip, Bugzy Malone, Darko, Tinie Tempah, Sneakbo, Ivorian Doll, AJ Tracey, Shabaka Hutchins (of Sons of Kemet and Shabaka and the Ancestors), KMT, Chiminyo and many more.

We revitalise disused spaces and disconnected communities by creating a fertile ground for connection and expression in which local people and industry professionals can come together to create and share art.

Live DJ Event at Village 101
Four guys in 80s Hip Hop outfits at Village 101 Studios

INDEPENDENT black production stage

We integrate artist’s practice, projects and production. All manner of professional media studio work is on offer in-house. We provide all the needs necessary for artists and crews to complete their projects to full satisfaction.

We represent innovation, intercultural identity, and sustainability. You have to see the standard of our work to believe it. This is about socially impacting the industry, to help change the status quo of institutionalised control over our creative projects and collectives.

Fashion activism space

Brands we’ve worked with span from Apple to Morleys. We have a particular focus on supporting black businesses, such as Wakha and Dal clothing. We nurture ideas from inception to delivery, helping to turn the raw energy of creativity into real-life projects and money in the bank.

We’ve worked directly with Dossier Dior Models and 777 Casting, with Production companies such as Luti and Yellowfish, Artistic Directors like Kelvin Jones, Kevin Hudson, Kirx Diaz, Arts initiatives such as ArtCry.

Village 101 is a fashion activism hub.
Liver performance at Village 101 Studios

Renaissance residency program

We nurture talent through residencies and mentorships.
We offer our artists in residence use of our facilities and connections. In addition, we mentor up-and-coming creatives to help them break through into the industry.

Artistic factory

Our live curated events include the NRG open mic nights, Village101FM, listening parties for single releases. They’ve been amazing experiences. We’re proud.

The hope is to be able to pay for our own state of the art facility, to raise enough through creativity and agency to buy a new Village101 space and renovate it into a creative hub with the collective force to rival the market. All the while, giving everything back that we can - through empowering real stories and role models, working closely with and celebrating community groups and local social justice projects, by harnessing creative energy for social change

NRG - Muti Musafiri

with a...

A videographer live broadcasts a musician

Live broadcasting station

Village101 has partnered with various independent engineers and studios who will invest time, resources and equipment in inclining support for this project worth around £10,000 of space and gear.

dance rehearsal studios

Village 101 regularly provides rehearsal and studio space for all forms of dance rehearsals. Suitable for: Backing Dancers, Street Dance, Contemporary, Ballet, Swing, Jazz, Ballroom and Contemporary.

Join us as a one-off or regularly, whatever you prefer.

A dancer rehearsing at village 101
Village 101 FM Recording with Muti

co-working space

Collaborate, innovate and inspire at Village 101. Our ethos is all about bringing young creatives together to realise their full economic and social potential.

Use our co-working space to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and artists. Learn more and share enriched experiences with others as Village 101 accompanies you along your creative journey.

editing suites

Sometimes you need to be in a creative hub to get your creative juices flowing. Our editing suites are designed to help you be productive yet relaxed. No one likes working in a stressed-out space, so leave your troubles at the door, open up your files and get editing undisturbed with Village 101 studios.

Editing suites at Village 101 Studios
Feel free to move at Village 101 dance rehearsal space.

Movement therapy Gymnasium

As a community hub, we work alongside many establishments to provide a safe , non-judgemental and fully inclusive environment in which to get fit and meet like-minded people.

with an oasis of experience,

& the keys to your possibilities.

Village 101: Holding the keys to future posibilities

Why village 101 matters

Children in uk living in poverty
Youth unemployment in london
Of Gen z say they feel disconnected from others
empty industrial units in london
We sparked a generation of change-makers we enabled hundreds of partnerships that opened up possibilities for young people (18-25) to be involved in high-level art and entertainment-related projects across the UK.

More specifically, Village 101 Studios has enabled a rise in jobs from ages 18 - 28 within the local area of Tottenham & Hackney.

This allowed us to create a platform for attaining and practising skills in a professional environment,  while at the same time making the connections needed to launch a career in the creative industry.

Our key Audiences

18-24 year olds from marginalised backgrounds

Building lasting legacies workshops (FREE)

Art organisations & institutions

Recognising Social innovation as a transformative tool and developing inclusive workplace strategies.
(£500 each)

Colleges & UNiversities

How to develop inclusive learning environments and empower students and staff to challenge colonial structures.

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What Now?

Village 101 is a testament to how it is possible to create social impact and economic abundance by bringing people together to share their gifts. 

Creativity mobilises people. By offering a common ground in which people can express themselves, we create the conditions for learning and mutual enrichment... Each individual’s knowledge and passion becomes an ingredient in the nutritious soup of community that nourishes us all… 

Like all living organisms, we are stronger and happier when we are connected. A healthy community is an ecosystem that supports and uplifts everyone involved. In this time of unparalleled disconnection, what we need more than ever are spaces in which we can come together to experience the healing power of creativity and community. 

Village101 is not a utopian idea, it is a real-world solution to some of the pressing problems our country is facing, such as:

  • Youth Unemployment
  • Violence among disadvantaged youth 
  • Rising levels of anxiety and depression in young people

These are all symptoms of the multifaceted crisis of disconnection that is playing out on three levels: 

  1. Within the individual = mental health crisis
  2. In society = rising social inequality
  3. Globally = the climate and ecological crisis. 

We work between levels one and two… bringing people together in local communities for mutual enrichment and economic empowerment that uplifts the individual and the collective. 

There are disused buildings in all major cities that could be turned into vibrant centres for learning and expression. We see Village101 as a blueprint that can be replicated across the city and even the country. 

We offer a solution to these needs:

  • Lack of spaces in which young disadvantaged / marginalised people feel safe to fully express themselves
  • Lack of spaces that bring people together interculturally and intergenerationally
  • Lack of platforms and resources for underprivileged young people to experiment artistically and gain the experience needed to get into the creative industries

Through these principles:

  • Creativity is a life-giving energy that can generate abundance
  • A sense of shared intention or mission galvanises people
  • When people come together and direct their creativity towards a shared goal, we generate cultural capital and social impact.

Essentially, we are harnessing the already existing creativity within individuals by creating spaces in which it can be witnessed and nourished. By offering safe spaces for connection and expression we create a fertile ground of mutual enrichment in which people’s skills and talents can take root and flourish. 



We recognise that everyone has unique gifts and wisdom to offer the world and we create environments that enable people to discover and express their individual genius.


We act as a meeting ground in which these many, varied ways of knowing, believing and living to come together and cross pollinate to generate new insights and innovative growth.

Mutual Enrichment

We know that diversity is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem and we welcome all ages, races, creeds, genders and beliefs.

Economic Empowerment

We nurture ideas from inception to delivery, helping to turn the raw energy of creativity into real-life projects and the real entrepreneurial success that good artists deserve.

Artistic Innovation

We offer insights and artistic direction from our unique, intersectional perspective which is at the front line of the cultural renaissance.