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Red Couch Revivals - Village 101 FM

Within the growing uncertainty we face in this current social climate, a new generation of creative visionaries join curator Muti 'Mutivation' Musafiri to discuss the creative solutions & potential of this renaissance movement Village101...

Harness creativity for Social change, uplifting the legacy of our culture, community and collaborative empowered action.

Starring Rita Kamale Talia. a Darling Donnie Sunshine(The First Line up from Village101FM #1)(( Minus Shaun sky & cesta )) with guest appearance from Brother Luti, Founder of Luti Media Intersecting Solutions within our Future black industry.

It takes a village to raise a child...

Produced by InforMotion Worldwide

Filmed & edited by Wanderliss Alicia Warner

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Why village 101 matters

Children in uk living in poverty
Youth unemployment in london
Of Gen z say they feel disconnected from others
empty industrial units in london
Village 101 has emerged out of the necessity to rejuvenate local communities and culture as a whole.
We have been living in times of unparalleled disconnection, with COVID exacerbating issues of social inequality and feelings of alienation

The pandemic forced us into isolation and ground our artistic institutions to a halt.
We have been starved of our connection to each other and the therapeutic and cathartic benefits of art.

Amidst the complex and unpredictable cultural landscape of our times, where great art is more vital than ever, it is crucial that we channel the raw power of creativity into re-imagining and re-making the world - into establishing genuine impact.
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